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Quail Lane Studios

Gallery 8-3 - Retired for a Spell--But Still Great!

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       Rustic Restaurant




 Flowery Perch   Fueling Up  Good Hair Day          Refueling Station    

        Flowery Perch             Fueling Up         Good Hair Day             Nip at the Bottle              Refueling Station           Rustic Restaurant


     Sugar               Wingspread

 Stop for a Snack               Sugar               Tightrope Walker       Touched by Beauty           Wingspread




    Bobby Cat         Madera Canyon Stream Bed

         Bobby Cat                      Curiosity       Madera Canyon Stream Bed



    --Cara Cara

Up a Cloudy Draw      Friends

  Up a Cloudy Draw                Friends



  Bird in the Bush      Coronado's Point     Out on a Limb

             Bird in the Bush                   Coronado's Point                      Out on a Limb




     Just Hangin' Out     Upper Range

          Comin' Home                              Just Hangin Out                           Upper Range




     Home in the Hideaway     Rocky Top     Taking a Look    

            Desert Scout            Home in the Hideaway              Rocky Top                     Taking a Look                    Uh, Oh!




Edge of the Forest   Going for a Swim   Portal to the Monsoon             What Are You Looking At?

      Edge of the Forest             Going for a Swim          Portal to the Monsoon              Stream Bed           What Are You Looking At?




      Coming Down the Mountain         

Coming Down the Mountain            Upper Meadow



    --Dragon Fly

Ready for Takeoff 

     Ready for Takeoff 




Birds of a Feather     Rest Stop 

         Birds of a Feather                    Rest Stop






                 Loafing                                   Smile



    --Gila Monster: 

Gila's Home      Got Lunch

           Gila's Home                           Got Lunch?




        Cactus Landing   Desert Flight    Family Affair    Final Inspection     Flight Over the Canyon

     Gone to Seed                      Breezeway                      Cactus Landing             Desert Flight                   Family Affair            Final Inspection       Flight Over the Canyon


        Higher Still       Morning Fog    Portal to the Monsoon      Ready to Party

         Hawk Eye View             Higher Still                 Inbound                 Morning Fog         Portal to the Monsoon             Ready to Party


    Storm Watch     Taking Flight     Water Spirit

          Storm Watch                     Taking Flight                          Water Spirit




Great One                Reflections

      Great One                Looking Sharp                Reflection                  Reflections




All Are Welcome            Black Hills Back Country Byway     Cooling Down         

      All Are Welcome               Back in the Canyon       Black Hills Open Range            oling Down                 First Crossing         Gathering at the Wash


           Home on the Range          In the Wild

       Hangin' On            Hilltop Royalty       Home on the Range            Horsin' Around                    In the Wild


Office Meeting                    

  Office Meeting                         Ranch Style                        Ready to Rodeo                  Startin' Fast           Snug in the Canyon



        Wild Thing  



    --Humming Birds: 

Beauty     Frequent Flier     Just Arrived       New Beginnings       Sweet Thing     Taking a Break

             Beauty                           Frequent Flier                      Just Arrived           New Beginnings     Sweet Thing                  Taking a Break 





 Examining the Situation




      Collared    Daybreak      Enjoying the View             Long Way Down      On a Warm Day

   Ancient Wisdom                       Collared                     Daybreak             Enjoying the View               Let's Play                  Long Way Down              On a Warm Day



             Rocky                             Serenity                       Show Off                        Taking Charge



    --Mountain Lion: 

Canyon Cat           Too Close

            Canyon Cat                      Time to Leave                  Too Close




A Long Day     Silent Visitor

         A Long Day                        Silent Visitor




     Mom and Kids     New Kids            Show-Off         

                 Barney                                    Mom and Kids                         New Kids                       On a High Perch                      Show-Off                             Silent Flight                         Up Late




     Face to Face           Royalty     Show Your Colors

  By the Old Shed                    Face to Face                          Just Born                             Royalty                     Show Your Colors



    --Prairie Dog: 

What's Up? 

       What's Up?




Call of the Wild           Scout

        Call of the Wild                      Branching Out                         Scout




          Peek-a-Boo                         Uh, Oh!




Where Are the Fish? 

  Where are the Fish?




Here Comes Trouble 

   Here Comes Trouble



    --Road Runner: 

           Spring Flowers

           Let's Play                   Rocky Road Runner        Spring Flowers





     Snacking Between Meals  




Wild Turkeys 

          Wild Turkeys



    --Turtle, Tortoise: 

Arizona Conga Line      Business Meeting     Face to Face         

     Arizona Conga Line                 Business Meeting                       Face to Face                            Guard Duty                          Sharing a Secret 




Lone Wolf 

       Lone Wolf




Agave Feeding Station          

  Agave Feeding Station         Gathering Inspiration         Gathering at the Wash



    --Other Animals: 

Neck and Neck    Rest Stop                 Need a Hug

      Neck and Neck                      Rest Stop                             Resting Up                      Time to Leave            Need a Hug



    --Other Birds:  

    Bird House        Cresting      

                 Bashful                           Bird House                          Cresting                  Feathering Her Nest


          Homecoming Flight            Looking Cute      

   Fishing Season Opens              Harvest Time                     Homecoming Flight                      Keeping Watch                         Looking Cute                Lunch in the Garden


                Sitting Pretty

         Meditation                           Nightfall                            On the Rocks                  Sharing a Secret               Sitting Pretty



   Territorial Dispute



    --Other Insects: 


              In Charge                                  Taking the Tour


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