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Quail Lane Studios

Fine Art Printing (Giclees) of Your Own Work  

We have an unusual collection of very sophisticated precision equipment for photography, scanning, and reproduction.  This equipment allows us to create the wonderful artwork you have seen in our galleries.

We are also pleased to work with other photographers, artists, and galleries to assist them in creating and reproducing their work.  We already cooperate with over 60 individuals  and galleries throughout Arizona and we would be delighted to work with you. 

Our services include as needed, shooting your original art and preparing it for reproduction, transferring it to digital files of your choice, and printing on paper or canvas in sizes from 4x6 to 44x84 inches.  Creation of the digital file and full color balancing are guaranteed to your satisfaction without exception.

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Prices as of Spring, 2020

Original Photography and Restoration:  quoted per job.

Digitization:  Digitizing your work and full after-work to ensure well-balanced color to artist’s satisfaction:  $30 per piece (includes CD or DVD and at least one finished high quality proof).

Printing—Cards:  Half-fold note cards:  up to $2.25 ea. one side; envelope is included ($1.70 on your stock).

Printing—Small and Medium size Artwork in high resolution on archival paper with archival ink (“giclee”):

4 x 6” glossy stock:  $5.00 setup + $1.25 each; 8 ˝ x 11” matte stock:  $7.00 each; 8 ˝ x 11” glossy stock:  $5.00 setup + $8.00 each; 13 x 19” matte stock:  $13.00 each.  Images will be approximately centered on the paper unless specified.

Printing—Large size Artwork in high resolution on archival material with archival Ultrachrome K3 ink (“giclee”): 

Roll stock uses a 24”, 36” or 44” wide roll with lengths from 24’ to 100’.

Prices are for Paper:  $15 per linear foot rounded up--24” wide roll); $23—36” wide roll; $29—  44” wide roll on enhanced matte paper.

                 for Canvas prices are higher:  $22.50 for 24” roll; $33.50 for the 36” roll, and $42.00 for the 44” roll.  We recommend a minimum 2” margin, but you may specify other margins.

Special notes:

1.      Different media are available and will be ordered if desired.  Please note that each paper changes color and brightness characteristics somewhat. 

2.      The full length and width of papers sometimes cannot be printed, as some margin is required by the printer.

Creation:  Creative work is $100.00 per hour.

Minimum order:  $30.

Production (non-art) Printing:  Please see your local copy shop for these services.

Stretching and Framing:  Now available for some sizes; we can also recommend a marvelous local framer for these services.

Shows:  We offer marvelous free advice, but cannot sell your work at our shows.


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There are just one restriction:  We do not reproduce any work that is not your own.  



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