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Quail Lane Studios

Gallery 5-1 - Water and Weather

    Much as we love the deserts and the mountains, we also feel irresistibly attracted to water and weather.  The water's edge is exciting, producing an ever-changing discontinuity between textures and forms.  Lighting changes as we near water, and the reflections, sounds, and rhythmic crashing of waves all blend into subconscious pleasure.  In this gallery we pay tribute to the excitement, pleasure and romance of the water's edge.   It suggests something eternal in our nature, and yet evokes immediate pleasure.  You will find most unusual cloud, ocean, lake and river scenes here.  In every case, the scenes are real, very real, and it is the art of digitography that has brought them alive.  Be sure and check our other galleries as well; they overlap a little.

    For your convenience, we've placed only a few images on each page of this gallery.  When you are ready, go to page 2 in this Gallery, or use the tags at the top to view other galleries on our site and place your order.


By the River

By the River

By the River.  The Colorado River waters the west, cutting through layers of sand and rock for thousands of miles.  This portion is only temporarily tame, temporarily offering a small beach covered by tamarisk.  Looking ahead to the cliffs guarding the narrows in the back, it is easy to predict that the grasses and bushes will have to hang on tight during the spring floods and summer monsoon season ahead.

Catalina Monsoon Rising

Catalina Monsoon Rising

Catalina Monsoon Rising©.  Most of the year, the Sonoran Desert is a dry desert.  And then, for months during the summer, the desert becomes a sauna with shower included.  Here, we can see the oncoming monsoon, dropping in from the Gulf and just beginning to spill over the Catalinas.  Forecast:  heavy rain followed by warm and sunny.


Forest Stream in Fall  

   Forest Stream in Fall© is a little stream in the southern part of Arizona’s Galiuro Mountains.  This area is protected by the Nature Conservancy as one of the world’s most lovely (but vanishing) habitats.  Look closely and imagine the many wonderful varieties of animal and plant life. 


Great Falls

 Great Falls

Great Falls©.  Sometimes what seems to be a dry wash in the desert is merely the end of a very moist channel in the mountains above.  To be sure, you will need to climb a bit:  follow that dry wash.  Is it a little moist here?  Keep climbing—there!  You can hear it before you see it!


Pathway to adventure

Pathway to Adventure

Pathway to Adventure.  It is a cool day and the clouds have dropped to the desert floor.  What an ideal time to explore the Sonoran plants and wildlife.  If you have a little time, just keep wandering this path and head into the Catalina Mountains for a real Sky Island adventure.


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