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Quail Lane Studios

Prices and Availability -

    We want to work with you to help make your home and office a showplace.  When you are ready, call (520-579-9773), email (quaillane@quaillane.com), drop by a show (see the current list at About Us), or come by the studio (by appointment only--we'll tall you how to get here).  At the studio we can also show you the hundreds of additional images that you can choose from, but that no one else has even seen yet.

    What is available?  The sizes we present in our shows are as small as 11x14 inches (matte paper) and 14x18 (canvas)--but the maximum size is nearly unlimited and we generally show canvas as high or wide as 48 inches.  But unless we've come to the end of an edition (our editions are small--available in dozens, not thousands), we can make this wonderful art specially for you in any size up to 12 feet long and nearly 4 feet wide.  We reproduce on both fine quality, heavy-weight, archival matte paper and archival, waterproof canvas.  Nothing lasts forever, but "archival" means that your work will last for nearly 200 years with no significant loss of quality.

    11x14 and 16x20 matte paper work is always available with a color-matched mat and an optional fine frame.

                BrownGrayBarnwood Frame

    If you have your own art or photos that you would like us to reproduce for you, please see our price list at Custom Printing Prices.

    Finally, if you are a gallery owner or other member of the trade, please let us know your requirements..

Ready to Order Now?

    We want to work with you to help make your home and office a showplace.  When you are ready, you can order in whatever way best fits your needs.  

     Drop by, call in your order: (520) 579-9773,  or email to us: quaillane@quaillane.com.


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