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Quail Lane Studios

Gallery 6-2 - Unusual Images and Wonderful Art

    Sometimes a scene recommends itself for special and unusual treatment.  With most of our work, we strive for exceptional beauty or an exceptional mood that enhances the meaning of the image.  Still, sometimes an image evokes the need to leap beyond the usual constraints into abstract art and unusual visions of reality.  These scenes are always real, sometimes hyper-real. and they have been taken to the level of a dream.  We've been very sparing in this gallery.  Dreams are the hardest images to capture and we've selected only the best.  Take a deep breath, and then take a close look.   Later, be sure and check our other galleries as well; they overlap a little.

    For your convenience, we've placed only a few images on each page of this gallery.  When you are ready, go to page 1, or 3 of this Gallery, or use the tags at the top to view other galleries on our site and place your order. 


Fragrance Tester

Fragrance Tester 

Fragrance Tester©. You are all set to take a picture of a diminutive cactus with a profusion of wonderful little pink blossoms.  Just then, someone shows up to check the layout and be sure that everything is appropriately scented.  The little guy follows up by eating the blossoms, but who can blame him?


Golden Days  

 Golden Days© shows a broad grassy field within Arizona’s pronghorn refuge.  A few old settler cabins remain, their tin roofs and weathered boards reflecting the surrounding fields and sky.  The colors here are quite real. arising from an unusual day of brilliant sun peeking through a thick, fast-blowing, lenticular overcast.

Heart of the Desert 

  Heart of the Desert©, like true love, is a rare find.  Nonetheless, on rare occasion, the pad of a prickly pear does grow into a recognizably well-loved shape.  Here a real opuntia cactus seems to bring the heart of the Sonoran desert into our homes, complete with a faint rainbow to emphasize its warmth of feeling.   


Looking for Me?

Looking for Me? 

Looking for Me?©  Blue jays are known for their curiosity and fearlessness.  This guy knows who he is, but he is wondering why we need a photograph to check him out.  The sly grin on his face was soon accompanied by a little wink.  The handsome Steller’s jay of Arizona differs from the western scrub jay in having a recognizable crest.


Mail Man

Mail Man 

 Mail Man©.  The old stage coach waits just outside Tombstone’s  O.K. Corral.  Will it pick up the mail, a young family traveling to Bisbee, a small load of gold ore from Tombstone’s mine?  Or is it waiting for the end of a gunfight that is reputed to be taking place in a few minutes.  Careful.  Better take cover! 


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One last comment:  We know these images are tempting; they are also copyrighted.  Downloading for printing or other copying  is expressly forbidden.