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      Welcome to our studios!

                      Art is our business,

                                        ...but we do it differently.  We are both digital artists and exacting photographers.  Everything you see here, and everything we offer to you is the result of a blend of digital art and exciting photography.  We like to think of these images as something entirely new and outside the usual categories--we hope you will think of them as visual poetry.  We call our processes "digitography"... we know you will be thrilled with the images.

Gallery 1

Gallery 1 (Scenes in the Southwest) has the unique scenes of  mixed cultures...Native, Hispanic and American.  As well, the animals and trees call out to us in a way that seems as timeless as the terrain they inhabit. Also check Gallery 2, 3 and 4 --we've moved the mountains, and plants to provide more room for Gallery 1. 

Gallery 2

Gallery 2 (Southwest Mountains and Canyons) is the rugged Southwestern landscape of legend.  The territory extends from well below sea level to miles above it; the scenes run from fire to snow.  Don't forget to check Gallery 1 for other scenes, and Galleries 3 and 4 for flowers and plants.


 We thought you'd like to see an image that we're still working on

All Dressed Up should be ready sometime soon.

Gallery 3

Gallery 3 (Sunrises and Sunsets in the Southwest) is based on a time of day and a frame of mind.  Come early or come late, but either way prepare yourself for the romantic prismatic colors of sun, clouds and landscape.

Gallery 4

Gallery 4 (Cactus, Flowers and Prickly Things) is our gallery specializing in those wonderful flowering cacti and flowers of the southwest and Latin America.  Many of these bloom for a single day--or a single night.  In that brief time, they can only be described as spectacular.

Gallery 5

Gallery 5 (Water and Weather) is where we pay tribute to the excitement of the water's edge.  The sun gleaming off the water's edge is both romantic and exciting.  It suggests something eternal in our nature, and yet evokes immediate pleasure.  You will find most unusual weather, ocean, lake and river scenes here.

Gallery 6

Gallery 6 (Unusual Images and Wonderful Art) has unusual images as well as the rest of our art.  These are each based, like our other work, on an original photograph.  Nonetheless, we've let our very most imaginative side loose in this gallery.  This is what fine digitography is all about.  Please take a look.




Retired for a Spell--But Still Great! offers the images that we had to shift from the other galleries in order to make room for new work.  Some of these are our favorite images of all time.  No matter how well people love them, we can't keep them in the front of the store any longer.  Look through and pick your favorites!



Cards and Other Things

Cards other great things are in a group by themselves.  Yes, we do offer cards based on many of our images.   Better yet, you can choose the images you like, and we will make them to your order.  We also have smaller canvases and other beautiful art pieces.



   Printing of Giclees

Printing Giclees.  We can print for you!  Bring us either your digital image or your original artwork and we can reproduce it for you to your satisfaction as a fine art giclee in sizes up to 44x84" on paper or canvas.  This page has the details and prices.


Prices & Availability

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You can place your order at any time.  Prices appear on our Prices and Availability page.  If you know just what you want and want to order it  with no further fuss, Email, or call 520-579-9773.  If you are not sure, make an appointment or drop by one of our many shows.


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