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Quail Lane Studios

Our Policies -

Galleries (Retailers) and Publishers:

     We DO sell to galleries and to distributors.  You will like our discounts, and we seek and appreciate your business. 

     Please contact us directly, let us know who you are, and we will send you back our trade discount and order list.  Email to us at quaillane@quaillane.com, or call us at 520-579-9773 (we are on Arizona time, meaning PDST in the summer, and MST in the winter).


Direct & Retail Customers:

     We DO sell direct to you.  Prices and Availability are shown on their own page.  You may order directly now by calling us (520-579-9773) or using email.   If you include your credit card information, we will be able to ship to you at once.  Otherwise, we will ship immediately on receipt of payment (check, money order, etc.).  We normally ship by surface unless some other means is requested.  Shipping throughout the US and overseas will be quoted in advance of shipping.


Our Three Quality Guarantees:

     1.  All individual limited edition digitography is produced on special archival-quality paper and canvas using newly-developed archival inks on fine-resolution equipment.  The work is pH neutral or acid-free.  We treat this as fine art from start to finish, and paper editions are intended to be custom-matted and framed using archival, acid-free materials.  Canvas is delicate and should not be scratched; cleaning is best done with an air duster.  When treated as fine art (for example, protected from ultraviolet light, and archivally framed), your artwork may be expected to last a lifetime. 

     2.  We guarantee that all individual digitography is original limited edition work from Quail Lane Studios.  It carries the original signature of the artist, and is accompanied by a signed certificate of authenticity having the unique color watermark of the image it accompanies.  This certificate is also suitable for framing.

     3.  We guarantee that all digitography sent to you will arrive without damage and in perfect condition so as to be ready for immediate framing.  If you have ordered it framed, we guarantee that the framed work will be in perfect condition.


Framing and Matting:

     All standard size (matted to 11 x 14", or to 16 x 20") work is sold with acid free matting and ready to frame.  You may display your work directly, with any standard frame available in most stores, or with custom framing of your choice.  We always recommend custom framing, as it  takes into consideration unique qualities of the image and the area in which you will display it.

     We do offer our work framed if you prefer.  We have a selection of unusually nice frames for 11 x 14" and 16 x 20" work.  These frames are designed to compliment the images and are subtle enough to fit well in any home or office location.  Please see our Prices and Availability page for a full description.



     Image sizes vary, and are of course smaller than the sheet sizes in order to allow for matting and framing.  At your request, we can sometimes alter image sizes or cropping.  A small number of our images do not fit comfortably on these sheet sizes and are instead available in special sizes as indicated on the Prices and Availability page.

     Special orders for larger images are welcome.  Sheet sizes for both matte paper and canvas editions are limited to 44" wide; length is unlimited.    


Cards, Bookmarks, Pendants and Magnets:

     Cards, bookmarks, magnets, and 6x8 framed pictures are not part of the limited editions described above.  They aren't individually signed and don't have a certificate of authenticity.  They are not produced on acid-free paper and won't last a lifetime.  You don't need to frame them; you just have to enjoy them.



     Yes, we do accept commissions, providing that the work is in the range of serious art.  We do not normally do commercial product work, and we never apply digital special effects unless the effects enhance the art.   However we do appreciate good public art and portraiture, and we enjoy contributing to it.



     Our equipment is unusual and we do print the high quality work of over 60 other fine artists and photographers.  Please ask if you would like us to work with you.  We cannot sell the work of other artists.  Please see our printing price list for services available and cost.


New Stuff:

    At any time, we have a number of images under development in the studios and not yet released.  If you contact us with your interests, it is sometimes possible to purchase the image and sole reproduction rights


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