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Topic Index for Galleries 1 to 6

    All right.  It is all very confusing.  There are so many good things that it is hard to choose.  And which pages should you go to anyway?  We'd really like you to look at each of our pages in each gallery.  But there may be something special that you are searching for.  Perhaps you have already identified just the right image at one of our shows, and you just want to be sure--or maybe compare it with other images.

Here's how you can do it. 

   First, the Galleries themselves loosely organize what we are presently carrying in our shows.  Go through them have fun and check 'em out. See galleries above or below.

   Second, there is a lot of work that we just don't have the room for in our shows.  We cycle out a third every year.  But they are still available, and some are among everyone's favorites.  We have an index just for them.  Go to Retired for a Spell-- But Still Great!

And finally, here is the topic index for Galleries 1 to 6. 

    Pick what you like the most, then let us know and we'll rush it straight to you. 

Select by Principle Subjects  below.  Note that your selection will take you to a page with several images in alphabetical order.

Abstracts:  Bird in the Bush, By the Barrel, It's a Dry Heat



Blue Jay:  Looking For Me?

Bobcats:  Must Be Love, Up a Tree

Butterfly:  Rustic Restaurant

Cardinal:  Bird in the Bush,

Cattle:   Bossie, Comin' Home, The Lonely Bull

Coyotes:  Toward Twilight, Wile E. Coyote

Deer:  Going for a Swim, Snow in the Desert, What Are You Looking At?

Donkeys:  On Patrol, Upper Meadow

Eagle:  Birds of a Feather, Rest Stop

Fox:  Foxy Lady

Hawks:  Desert's Edge, Dusty Sunset,  Moon Watch, Night of the Hawk, On the Wing, Storm Watch, Where Is It?

Horses:  All Are Welcome, Black Hills Open Range, Blue Dog Saloon, Chiricahua Faraway Ranch, Cooling Down, Evening Run, Rider in the Storm, Time for a Drink, Watering Hole

Humming Birds:  Dinnertime, Fluffy, Frequent Flier, On Gossamer Wings,

Javelina:    Coronado's Point, Ocotillo Inspectors

Lizards, Geckoes Fragrance Tester, Garden Dragon, Long Way Down, Rising from the Desert

Mountain Lion:  Too Close,

Ocelot:  Silent Visitor

Other Animals:  Face to Face, Fragrance Tester, Rest Stop

Other Birds:  Desert Blooms, Fancy Meeting You, Great One, Looking Cute

Owl:  Just Born, Stepping Out, Sunset Landing

Quail:  Cactus Garden, Scout, Top of the Rock,

Rabbit:  All Ears, Ocotillo Hillside, Toward Twilight,

Raven:  Nightfall

Road Runner:  Let's Play, Morning Snack

Woodpecker:  Tapped Out


Buildings & Structures:

Bridge:  Room with a View

Religious Capistrano, San Xavier del Bac, San Xavier Mission, The Way It Was, Tumacacori

Old Venicle:  End of the Road, Old Times

Old Ruins: Bossie, Golden Days, Old Times

Other Interesting Buildings:  Blue Dog Saloon, Queen of Bisbee

Ranch house or barn:  Chiricahua Faraway Ranch,

Storefront:  Mail Man, Old Tucson

Water Mill:  Mill Stream

Windmill:  Golden Days


Desert:  Black Hills Open Range, Catalinas in Monsoon Fog, Desert Overlook, Desert's Edge,  End of the Road, Evening Run, Field of Flowers, Morning Snack, Ocotillo Hillside, Rising from the Desert, Sunburst, Sunset Landing, The Lonely Bull, Toward Twilight, Where Is It?, Watering Hole,


Forest and Woods:  Across the Range,  Forest Stream in Fall, Genie's Lamp, Home in the Hideaway, Snow in the Superstitions



Arches:  Rising from the Desert

Canyons & Unusual Mountains:  Above the City, Canyon Passage, Column Garden, Dove Mountain Sunrise, Fallscape, Grand Canyon, Majestic Catalinas, Spider Rock, Up by the Canyon, Ventana Falls

Background:  Chiricahua Faraway Ranch, Dusty Sunset, Enjoy a Cholla, Majestic Catalinas, Ocotillo Hillside, Pusch Ridge, Sabino, Sky Light, Storm Watch, Upper Meadow



Cowboy:  Rider in the Sun

Other:  It's a Dry Heat, Mail Man


Petroglyph:  Path of the Ancients



Cactus (non-saguaro):  Best Blooms, By the Barrel, Cactus Crowd,  Canyonland, Gila's Home, Heart of the Desert, Morning Light, Ocotillo Hillside, Out on a Limb, Perfect, Queen of Hearts, Red Beauty, Sharpie, Silent Visitor, Where Is It?

Flowering Cactus:  Best Blooms, Bright Lights, Busy Morning, Cactus Crowd, Cactus Garden, Desert Blooms, Fragrance Tester, Garden Dragon, Good Evening, Perfect, Purple Passion, Queen of Hearts, Red Beauty, Simply Elegant

Flowers (general):  Bird of Paradise, Blondies, Busy Morning, Cactus Garden, Desert Blooms, Evening Star, Frequent Flier, Long Way Down, On Gossamer Wings, Powder Puff, Sabino, Sun Flowers, Upper Meadow

Grass:  Golden Days, Sunset Saguaro

Ocotillo:  Ocotillo Hillside, Ocotillo Inspectors,

Saguaro:  Desert Greenery, Dove Mountain Springtime, Dove Mountain Sunrise, In a Flash, Moon Watch, Morning Light, Morning Sunburst, Nightfall, Night of the Hawk, Ocotillo Hillside, On Patrol, On the Wing, Pusch Ridge, Rider in the Storm, Snow in the Desert, Storm Watch, Summer Monsoon, Window of Light

           Yuccas & Agaves:   Above the City, Canyonland, Desert Overlook, Desert's Edge, First Blooms, Orange Glow, Sky Light, Window of Light   


Rocks:  Desert's Edge, Dove Mountain Springtime, Going for a Swim, Ocotillo Hillside, Path of the Ancients, Spider Rock, Toward Twilight

Sunsets & Sunrises:  See Gallery 3 all, Early Riser, Golden Days, In a Flash, Moon Watch, On the Wing, Toward Twilight

US Regions Other than Arizona:

California:  Capistrano, Desert's Edge

Colorado:  Up on the Mesa



  Belgium:   High Water



Water:  See Gallery 5 

Lakes:  Lake in the Desert

Stream:  High Water, Sabino, Sabino Reflections

Waterfall:  Room with a View


Clouds:  Final Inspection, Gathering Inspiration, Golden Days, Night of the Hawk, Rider in the Storm, Scattered Showers, Snow Day, Storm's Comin', Storm Watch, Summer Monsoon, Sunburst, Taxi, Window of Light

Lightning:  In a Flash

Snow:  Cooling Down, Fall Scape, Grand Canyon, Snow in the Desert,

Fog and Haze:  Catalinas in Monsoon Fog, Morning Light, Taxi

Seasons:  Fallscape

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