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Quail Lane Studios

Gallery 8-8 - Retired for a Spell--But Still Great!

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Arabesque Glory

 Arabesque Glory







       Quitting Time  Stormy Night in the Bush        Wait for the Wave

              Quitting Time           Stormy Night in the Bush       Wait for the Wave



       Antique Alley     Awaiting Further Orders     Bell Ringer   Breezeway   Bridge to Enchantment                         

         After the Rain                  Antique Alley         Awaiting Further Orders             Bell Ringer             Breeze Way       Bridge to Enchantment


Castle in Time    Chimney Rock    Clear Passage      Coming Down the Mountain       High Water   

     Castle in Time              Chimney Rock            Clear Passage  Coming Down the Mountain   Essential Light             High Water                      Last Voyage


Old Mill Stream     Orange Grove     Room with a View     Saint Basil's     Seat by the Water

 Old Mill Stream         Orange Grove            Room With a View              Saint Basil's        Seat by the Water


     Serenity  Shopping Day in Old Town         

               Serenity      Shopping Day in Old Town        Upper Meadow        Visit to the Old Town


    --Latin America

Around Back              

    Around Back         Fishing Season Opens           Horsin' Around             Market Day           Quiet Inspiration           Summer Glow



 Take the Old Road Down                 Bashful   


    --Pacific (non-US): 

 Dream Escape          Monsoon

    Dream Escape                      Monsoon


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