Gallery 8 - Retired for a Spell--But Still Great!

    Well, heck, we've loved these scenes so much that we selected many of them as particularly special in the first year or two that we operated the Studios.  But it is time for a shuffle so that we can feature some new work!  We've moved these images out of our regular first 6 galleries, and we no longer feature them at our shows.  We still love them.  We hope you will too.  And someday when we get really lazy about doing new work, we'll bring these back. 

Meanwhile, you can still order them.  If we don't keep them in stock right now, we will get your order to you within a week. 

 Pick what you like the most, then let us know and we'll rush it straight to you. 

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Open Wide

Open Wide

Open Wide©.  Really wide!  Don’t be deceived.  This cactus only looks small.  It is often referred to as “Big Bertha”—the largest variety of trichocereus we have seen.  And the sweet-smelling flowers?  Well, they can easily be 6 inches across and they will capture your imagination and stay in your memory like no other flower you see.  But you need to be quick—each bright, fragrant bloom lasts only until mid-day.  Catch them now.


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